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    presents KILI FOR LEBANON

Total Funds Raised: 160,190.69 ($320,381.38)

Fund closed and count as of October 25th 2007.

On behalf of the Kili4Lebanon team, we thank you dearly for all your support and help

After five difficult days of intense trekking and climbing, the team set off on their final ascent to the roof of Africa on Tuesday 25th September. Following a gruelling seven-hour hike in freezing temperatures and total darkness, they finally reached the summit of Kilimanjaro at 6:30am local time, where they were able to watch the beautiful sunrise over Africa.

It was the greatest challenge of their lives, thinking more than once that it may defeat them, they persevered and conquered the beast famous for its beauty as well as its difficulty.

At 5895m the team proceeded to successfully complete a financial transaction on the Lebanese Stock Exchange, achieving their goal of setting a world record for the highest such transaction on earth!

The team on the mountain

With the generosity and support of friends, family, co-workers and our invaluable sponsors, we have raised over 150,000 to date for the reconstruction of schools in Lebanon. Please support this worthy cause and help us reach our fundraising target of 200,000 by clicking here to donate.

Mission: To climb to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in September 2007

To plant the Lebanese flag on the highest peak in Africa.  At an altitude of nearly 6,000 meters, the team will set a record for the first ever financial transaction on the Lebanese Stock Exchange from this height on earth. They will also do a traditional Lebanese Dabkeh and record the event for posterity.

Why? To raise 200,000 for educational projects in Lebanon

Following the summer conflict of 2006 and years of neglect and under-investment, the schools in Lebanon are not suitable to provide high quality education.

As a first step to addressing this problem, we intend to raise 200k, which will secure a further 1.25 million from UNICEF, to improve the quality of education in 30 schools in rural Lebanon. Moreover, IMC UK will also commit a further 120k to this project, which will take the total amount raised to 1.57 million.

Who? Lebanon United and IMC UK in conjunction with UNICEF

Five young Lebanese bankers will be climbing Kilimanjaro for Lebanon United to raise money for an IMC UK (International Medical Corps) project supported by UNICEF International.

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