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Lebanon United

About Us

Lebanon United is a London-based group that raises money and awareness to support humanitarian, educational and sustainable development initiatives in Lebanon. We are staffed entirely by volunteers.
Lebanon United was formed during the July-August 2006 conflict which resulted in extensive destruction and lost opportunities. We responded by coordinating a large number of humanitarian fundraising initiatives in London at the time.

Since August 2006, we have slowly shifted our focus from humanitarian projects to educational and sustainable development initiatives.

Our Goals

  • To provide the Lebanese community in London and abroad with an accessible platform through which to finance humanitarian, educational and sustainable development initiatives in Lebanon

  • To foster a sense of community amongst Lebanese living in London through shared cultural and social events

  • To assist like-minded groups in other countries by sharing resources, skills and know-how

  • To encourage those who wish to organise fundraising events by supporting their ideas

  • To be transparent in all our actions and procedures

Achievements to Date

Thanks to the hard work of our volunteers and supporters in London and abroad, LU has raised approximately 120k ($240k) for Lebanon by organising innovative fundraising events. All monies have been channeled through NGOs and charities based in the UK and Lebanon. Lebanon United has in place strict reporting requirements with the organisations it funds to monitor the progress of projects it supports.

Click here for the highlights of our past year.

For more information on Lebanon United, please visit www.lebunited.org

For more information on this project, please contact [email protected]
For website related queries please contact [email protected]