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With funds through the climb, IMC UK intends to improve the quality of education in 25 schools in rural Lebanon (Akkar, Hermel and Baalbek regions and selected villages in the South) by improving both the physical conditions of schooling and the quality of the teaching and social support received by pupils.

To improve physical conditions, IMC UK will:

  • Rehabilitate school buildings and playgrounds

  • Repair toilets and school & community water supplies

To improve teaching and psychosocial support, IMC UK will:

  • Support training for teachers, parents and healthcare providers on the specific health and psychological needs of children and how to improve the services they receive.

Partnership and scalability

UNICEF has asked IMC UK to implement this project and has offered a contribution of £1.25 million, subject to IMC UK procuring £200,000. This is Lebanon Unitedís target.

This is equivalent to raising a mere £8,000 per school to secure a contribution of more than £50,000 per school from UNICEF Ė a return on investment of 625%!

IMC UK will also contribute a further £120,000 of its own money bringing the total to £1.57m

The project is designed as a pilot to demonstrate the impact of this type of investment, with the expectation that it will be scaled up across all of Lebanonís schools.

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