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The Kili Team

What do you get when you cross one elephant, two buffalos, three monkeys, four snakes and five Lebanese bankers? Most probably five screaming Lebanese bankers running away from the snakes at speeds that would astound even a cheetah.

At least theyíll will be running towards the summit of Kilimanjaro, because these are men on a mission. Whether or not a confrontation with Africa's most colourful residents materialises, our intrepid adventurers will be sped on their way by the noble cause they are climbing for. Their determination to conquer Mt Kilimanjaro is set firmly in their hearts and minds, and will be reflected in every step they take up to the peak.  

Click on the pictures below to find out more.

The climbers are supported by a Base Camp team: Souraya Ali and Dyana Najdi.

ďDonít take it lightly though, and start off as slowly as you possibly can in order to finish with strength.

You will all make it to the top God willing, but some of you will have to grit their teeth more than others. So start slowly to allow your body to acclimatise, and take it ONE STEP AT A TIME, just like anything else in life!"

Max Chaya message to the Kili team


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